Saturday, February 28, 2009

Modeling my new raincoat

Yes, I have become one of those people who actually buys clothing for their animals. But, this was a necessary purchase, I promise.

Bear has to get a lot of exercise every day: rain, snow, or sunny day. I took him for a short walk this morning in the rain, and he was soaked and shivering. I saw this on clearance at Petco and voila!, no more soaked shivering Bear.
I tried so hard to get a really good picture of him with it on, because he was so incredibly cute in it. None of these pictures does it justice. I am sure I can catch a few more later.
Oh, and notice that all the back cushions are off the couch, and all the items on the sofa table are knocked over (or off). This is a direct result of the fast-paced game of tag Bear had with Baxter tonight.

The one of him running towards me (and the camera) has made me laugh so hard tonight. He is a wild boy sometimes.

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